Estimation systems of salaries may be reconsidered in Kazakhstan

Date: 11:28, 13-02-2020.

Astana. February 13. KazTAG - Estimation systems of salaries have been proposed to be reconsidered in Kazakhstan by Aikyn Konurov, Majilisman.
"It is time to reconsider the system of salaries estimation. Such index, as an average salary is nothing but conditionally-mathematical value, and does not show the real situation, ”said Konurov, voicing the request addressed to Prime Minister Askar Mamin.
He drew attention to the difference in salaries depending on the region, industry and other criteria.
“There is a tendency for growing stratification of our society in terms of income between sectors, jobs,  urban and rural areas, regions, while the size of salaries is less and less tied to labor efficiency and employee qualifications and it is increasingly determined by indirect factors,” he said.
He believes it is necessary to shift into median or modal salaries as a base indicator.
“A new criterion is needed to assess the level of income, such as median and modal salaries, in order to objectively build the state’s socio-economic policy and see the quality of existing and created jobs," he said.

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