Leader of NSFP Yermurat Bapi: Fate of presidential election predetermined

Date: 11:05, 15-05-2019.

Almaty. May 15. KazTAG - Yermurat Bapi, leader of the national social-democratic party of Kazakhstan Akikat believes the fate of the presidential election is predetermined.
"The fate of the presidential election is predetermined, we know how many percent will be given to each. Tokayev will get 70-80%, more accurately, he will not get, they will be "written in",  the Parliamentary parties are likely to take the second place. More accurately they will be "written in", Ak Zhol will get 7 or more percent, People's Communists will be third, Amirzhan Kosanov will be written in about 6.7-9%," he said at the press-conference.
He marked, in case fair election was held, Kosanov might get at least 30% of votes.
"If fair election was held, if all the electoral process went transparently, he would get at least 30-35% of votes. It does not mean that the question is in Kosanov, people want changes. People who vote for Kosanov will mark that they will vote against all," he added.
He has also commented on information spread in the social networks that the authorities were helping to collect signatures for the candidate fr om opposition.
"Amirzhan Kosanov is my old mate, my friend. He showed his leading qualities in the first year of university. I read the messages in Whatsapp, in radio Azattyk that the authorities helped Kosanov to collect the signatures, and I would like to ask Amirzhan about it, so that he made a statement. I was asked about it. I said it is rumors, gossips, we have to be guided by wh ere people are aspired. People support Amirzhan," he said.
He said he saw the signature lists without a name of a candidate.
"People came from military units to us, they showed signature lists without a name of the candidate, below there were the names of those people who support an unknown candidate, the numbers of military tickets and the military unit," he said.

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