NSC admits insufficiency of infrastructure at checkpoints of Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border

Almaty. July 11. KazTAG - The border service of the National Security Committee has admitted insufficiency of infrastructure at the checkpoints at Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border.
"The current number of passport control cabins at the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan was designed taking into account the flow of people for that moment. The flow of people crossing the border has increased. The current infrastructure at the checkpoints does not comply with the current passenger and cargo flow," reads the reply to the official request of KazTAG.
According to the department, preparation works for reconstruction of the checkpoints are underway.
The NSC department did not report on the number of passport control cabins and lanes on each checkpoint available today and planned after the reconstruction.
The department did not report on the time limits for transport inspection.

Photo source: picture from an open source