Prisoners of maximum security colony inflicted damages to themselves in Uralsk -mass media

Date: 16:19, 03-05-2019.

Almaty. May 3. KazTAG - The prisoners of a maximum security colony in Uralsk have damaged themselves, reports My city.
"Relatives of the prisoners gathered near the colony on May 2. They said that allegedly there was a riot on May 1 in the prison. Many prisoners damaged themselves. According to the relatives there is total disorder in the colony.  Some of them received permission to meet, arrived with products from another city, but for some reason prisoners refuse to go to the long-awaited meeting, ”  the message said on Friday.

The mother of one of the convicts, Saule Chavkina, said that “her son has been under pressure a number of times.”
“Of course, we are afraid to tell that prisoners are often beaten, as it can remain unpunished and my son will be inflicted even more harm and humiliation within the walls of the colony. But the situation is actually already beyond all limits. They are being scoffed here. My son is serving a sentence under article 259 (recruiting or training or arming persons in order to organize terrorist or extremist activities) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He has been serving for almost five years, while he was sentenced to 11 years. So, they called me on April 17, they said that my son was severely beaten," said the woman.
According to her, on May 1 they called her again with the same news.
“This time, the officers went into the cell wearing masks to beat him. He could not bear it all and cut his veins. I was not allowed to him. Our lawyer saw him,  his hands were cut," she said.
She said that relatives had already written a statement to the prosecutor’s office and the human rights bureau.
“Even though I wrote a statement on April 19, nothing changes, he is beaten even more. A reply came to my request that an investigation was underway on this fact, ” said Chavkina.
The press service of the WKO Health Department said no prisoners had been hospitalized from the colony.
“Meanwhile, Manarbek Gabdullin, deputy head of the prison said that there was no riot in the RU-170/3 institution on May 1. According to him, on this day, five negatively characterized convicts (including the son of Saule Chavkina), deliberately inflicted light injuries on themselves," he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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