Sklyar "personally guarantees" completion of repair of the Ekibastuz CHPP by the beginning of the heating season

Astana. June 8. KazTAG - First Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar assured that he "personally guarantees" the completion of the repair of the heat and power plant (CHP) of Ekibastuz by the beginning of the heating season.
“By the beginning of the heating season, all work will be completed; all boilers at the CHPP will be repaired and heating networks. Appropriate funds have been allocated and work is underway. I can personally give a firm guarantee, since I personally stayed there for seven days in December. I am completely immersed in the issue and I can say that everything will be fine in Ekibazstuz by the heating season,” Sklyar promised, answering journalists' questions on the sidelines of the Astana International Forum on Thursday.

Photo source: picture from an open source